Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series
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  1. Narumi Yoshikawa says

    Dear all students,

    Thank you so much for your presentation with wonderful conclusion.
    We were so moved your great focus on our theme.
    At the final time, I tried to make our common conclusion.

    I thought our Iriomote Insight can be resume as below.
    Hearing your presentation, I made the part of underlined and the colored words.
    The part of the underlined words are our original concept after finishing all the class. are your common keywords.

    Your last slogan were so beautiful with deep sympathy for our nature.

    Don’t forget we are the whole group of this class of 2017 and
    please come back to Iriomote when you will have some trouble and hard time in the future.
    I ask you to drop in any time our circle and the next class of 2018.

    Thank you all,

    Narumi Yoshikawa

    Our Findings,

    IRIOMOTE INSIGHT , Ecological Ethics,

    ◇Our Findings and suggestions
    :Peace management method to share or cherish Natural Resource in Iriomote

    :Original concept of “_Cultural Diversity” by the study of past and presentIriomote

    :Promote model of peace building to reach a multicultural co-existence byenvironmental education,exchanging,peace businessand policy making

    :Soft and small business to be permaculture in Iriomote, exterminate an inhumaneenvironment destruction and money power

    →Natural resource,_CULTURE_, small nature,

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