Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Final report (Kanako Noro)

“Well, I need to do something right for our future, immediately.”

 This was my first expression after seeing an exhibition about plastic pollutions in United Nations, NY. Nowadays Everybody talks about how serious plastic problem is, and I thought I knew it well. However, the reality was beyond what I expected, and I was just overwhelmed. At the same time, I was scary that these issues keep going and become much bigger while I’m having a lunch with my friends and taking a nap in a class.

“We cannot ignore what is happening in our planet, and each of us must make some actions.”

This vague but strong awareness let me think about what I need to start after going back to Japan and let me take this class. The class might be hard for a student like me, who cannot speak English fluently nor catch it up well. Moreover, most of classmates are from other countries and their knowledge of environmental issues were huger than average that of Japanese students. However, this situation stimulated myself and made my motivations up and up. We communicated with each other. Exchanged own thoughts many times. Discussed a lot of matters. And listened to others carefully. These sustainable movements and diversity thoughts get us considered deeper absolutely. Every movements we did in the class changed to my property I swear.


You can take any opportunity to think about our beautiful planet.

The most important thing is not when nor where you realized, but when you took actions.

-Understanding what the problem is

-Thinking about what you can do while communicating with others

-Planning your action and making a move

Those are what we can do and what we need to do.



– Kanako Noro



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