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Virtual K Bar

by JeongHoon Lee

This is an unofficial “website” created for an academic project and has no relation with the official Kamiya Bar.

Inspired by the online craft beer tasting event by Kitchhike, I decided to open up a virtual bar of one of my favorite bars in Asakusa, Tokyo. Here is a mock “website” page of the virtual bar event.

Based on my experience, I personally thought that online drinking parties were boring and such a waste of time. I would rather drink and interact with my close friends in the same place and atmosphere. The lecturer from Kitchhike shared that it is possible to make online events entertaining, engaging, and interactive by gathering people online who share similar interests. By having participants taste the same drink remotely in the same virtual space, he argued that makes online drinking or eating parties can become much more entertaining.

This virtual bar event aims to target usual guests who couldn’t visit the Kamiya Bar today even if they wanted to; young people who haven’t tried the Denki Bran yet; and overseas tourists who couldn’t visit Japan and have never heard of Kamiya Bar or the Denki Bran.

Established in 1880, forever located in Asakusa, Tokyo.
The Kamiya Bar is the first Western-style bar in Japan.
Our bar is not like the typical fancy bar but is a loud welcoming bar without any dress code. The bar has been loved for so long by locals in Asakusa and even throughout Japan.

During this difficult time,
wherever you are in this world,
we want to invite you all to a virtual tour of our bar in Asakusa and try our original drink, the Denki Bran.

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