Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Environmental Awareness Kamakura Interview- Group 4

1170B735-C24B-4483-8C43-D975E383307C   Interview at Waseda University with Daiki Kitahara about Environmental Awareness. Group 4- Environmental Awareness/ Education. by Minami Neeley and Made Ayu Sayaka

Kamakura Interview Questions

Do you think companies should be should be held responsible for the waste created by their products? What is the most frequent garbage that you find yourself throwing away? Which companies do you think are the most responsible for unsustainable packaging? Can you think of any alternatives to plastic packaging used in food/beverage products?

Kamakura Interview Questions Group 4

Group 4: Environmental Awareness (Sub-group Education) Members: Made Ayu Sayaka Nozomi Fujii Minami Neeley Fumika Ikeda Interview Questions: Are you aware of the “trash islands” floating in the sea? What kind of things that school taught you about the environment? What are the environmental policies in your country? How does it differ from Japan’s? (to non-Japanese) What are the environmental policies that you know of in other countries? (to Japanese) How should schools engage in teaching about environmental awareness?  

Kamakura Interview Item

Do you think there is garbage on the beaches? What kind of garbage we can find on the beach? If a garbage on the beach is a recyclable one or not? Can we reuse that garbage.? What kind of impact does the garbage has on local world-life. ?