Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

IRIOMOTE Final Presentation Nature and Development

Wildlife Group Iriomote

Traditional Knowledge PPT

Traditional Knowledge Our reflection on the field work in Okinawa. Ayako, Cheryl, Hirono, Manatsu, Talia, Vanessa Traditional Knowledge Video

Kamakura Fieldwork: Support

We focused on Support while conducting our Kamakura fieldwork at Yuigahama beach. By promoting the picking up of trash and proper waste disposal, we can all enjoy a beautiful beach! Ayako and Manatsu Kamakura Fieldwork

Kamakura Fieldwork: Education

The theme of our fieldwork study is the importance of education. By protecting our seas and the land, we can create a future that is sustainable for generations to come. Education plays a vital role in creating a world that everyone and everything can enjoy. Sydney & Anisa Shafiyya (Fia) Kamakura Fieldwork_ Education

Kamakura Fieldwork: Integration

Kamakura Fieldwork review by Benjamin Song and Patrick Yuki

Kamakura Fieldwork: Back Story

Each of our consumption is a vote for what we want for our future. Hotsuki_Eugene_Shihya_thinking environment  

Kamakura Fieldwork: Ecological Business

Last November 5th, our Nature and Culture class spent a day at Kamakura to research the trash problem at Yuigahama beach. Here are our observations of the beach’s condition, and our take on its solution with relation to permaculture and corporate zero-waste responsibility in PDF form.   -Alyssa and Piraya

Kamakura Fieldwork : Responsibility

Our findings within Kamakura are focused around the concept of responsibility. In order to preserve the beauty of our seas as it is, we think that there is nothing more better than someone who knows how to be thankful of what they have in front of them, and be responsible in how they react to the wonders of nature. -By Jihyun & Yuki Our discoveries can be found at Kamakura Fieldwork_Jihyun and Yuki!

Kamakura Fieldwork: Sustainability

Kamakura Fieldwork Report – Steen & Sahana In the PDF above lies our finding in our fieldwork trip to Kamakura. A beach plagued by trash. What people think of it, and what should be done.

Kamakura Fieldwork: Volunteer

By Hirono & Talia Our findings from Kamakura Yuigahama Beach and interviewing the locals and tourists. Kamakura Fieldwork: Volunteer

Kamakura Fieldwork: Action

By Vanessa & Cheryl We went to Kamakura on November 5 and visited Yuigahama, where we observed the beach’s conditions and talked to locals who were taking a walk there that day. Our keyword is ‘action’, and this is how we linked it to our research and observations at Yuigahama. Please check out the Powerpoint below to find out more! Kamakura Fieldwork: Action