Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

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Self-Intro: Sayaka and Minami

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Isobel Gladston, Self Introduction

Hi I’m Issey, I am currently an exchange student at Waseda within the School of International Liberal Studies. I am from the UK and I study Liberal Arts with a major in Geography and a minor in Politics at King’s College London where I studied modules in: Society, Environment and Geography. Ethics, Economics and Environmental Protection. Urban and Cultural Geography: Space Society and Culture. I applied to partake in this module because I am particularly interested in how human society affects nature and how our cultural practises shape our conceptions of and behaviour towards the environment. I’m also interested in how developing technologies can play a role in helping us […]


Hoang Thanh Thuy

Self-Introduction: Minami Neeley

Minami Neeley aka "South" My favorite landscape

Self introduction Shuhei Muramatsu

Hello. I am Shuhei Muramatsu. I am looking forward to knowing the relationship between culture and environment. I am not good at speaking English, but try to do my best! Nice to meet you.

Abe Tetsutaro

YOSHI Self-Introduction

Self- Introduction: Made Ayu Sayaka

Name: Made Ayu Sayaka Nickname: Sayaka Faculty: School of International Liberal Studies

Hoang Thanh Thuy

Self Introduction

Ashish Shrestha

Name: Ashish Shrestha Nickname: Ashish  


Hiroe Smameshima Please call me Same.

Self Introduction

Manoa Yamaguchi You can just call me Manoa, or Moana may be. Thank you  

Belle Sim

My name is Belle Sim and I’m a sophomore in the School of Social Sciences, in the Contemporary Japanese Studies Program (CJSP). I’m from the land of fried rice, Singapore. My hobbies include running, watching Netflix, and meeting people in bars. A night view of the city, any hustling bustling city, is probably my favourite view. A night view of Bangkok and its busy night markets, accompanied by its beautiful yet cruel humidity; a night view of Shibuya and its neon lights and restaurants, with a cocktail in my hand; a night view of Singapore and its tall office buildings and the lights from the ports glittering in the distance. […]

Self-introduction | Francis

Self-introduction (CHEN Tian)