Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

TONY by J&S / Ideal Chair 2021

INTRODUCING… “Tony”,  who will be your lifelong partner “who has your back”. Tony is a comfortable, portable, durable, and a sustainable chair with comfy “airweave” cushioning that will support your back pain and keeps your posture! It also strives to become an equitable and a durable chair that can be used by children to elderly people. You will never get tired even if you sit on this chair for a long time! produced by Jeonghoon Lee and Tobaru Ryunoshin (Spencer)  

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Hello! This is Minami and Yuko! This is our ideal chair the “float chair” inspired by waterbeds.

「Ideal Chair 理想の椅子」

Our ideal chair, Yogibo 2.0, has mainly 3 functions which are autopilot, waterproof and comfortable. We came up with this idea because we both love Yogibo. And we wanted to customize previous Yogibo. Rin&Nao

Ideal Chair

Hello! We are Risa and Yuta, and this is our ideal chair! Our chair focuses on 3 main points, numerous customization options, comfort and has an alarm system that wakes you up in case you fall asleep. When we first started discussing about what kind of chair to make, we were surprised that we prioritized the same features. 1. comfort 2. compactness 3. adaptability Including so many elements was a challenge, but we believe this chair can help many people who are working and learning remotely!

Ideal chair

A green hanging tent hammock hung between two trees with a rain cover. Perfect for relaxing away from the hubbub of fast paced city life.

Ideal Chair

We are Kosuke and Remi.
Our chair has multi-function which can make relaxing nature environment.
We have same needs that we want to be relaxed in nature, but it’s a bit difficult when you have to study at university in the big city.
So we made a chair which make you feel like you are being nature.
And if you want to be in the real nature, you can go to the sea by this chair. It has a chimney and can be a boat!

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The things unseen

    First, I want to talk about myself before class. Of course, I was interested in environmental issues but had no idea what should I do first. It was alright because I didn’t necessarily have to study them. However, when the exchange program between Japan and Vietnam which I got involved in was started and the main theme became ‘‘Sustainability’’, I was exposed to the situation that I had to study the issues. That was the only reason to take this class: I had to do that.   During the class, mainly we got lectures but conducted two fieldworks in the middle and the end of the class. First […]

Aino Owada

Naho Chujo

Karen Hirasawa

Yuya Kayanuma

Hi, there! My name is Yuya Kayanuma. My nickname is also “Yuya” because it is easy to pronounce for everyone.