Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Letter to me in the future of 2030


Letter to me in the future 2030

Dear me in the future 2030, I will be the age of 30 in the year 2030. I have a sister who is 9 years older than me which gives me some idea of what turning 30 is like. I will possibly have a job and hopefully a stable income. I might be living with my parents or maybe on my own far away from home.  I will be able to have more options as to what I consume or not. Through this class, I have learned the importance of community and to keep in touch with the environments we live in. There are three actions I would like to […]

Letter to me in 2030/Rin Ichikawa


2030 Presentation Slides

Yuta Tanaka 1M200492

Live Minimally, Value the invaluables

Recently I’ve been listening to a song by Sheena Ringo, ありあまる富, singing how “we are already rich with the ‘invisible wealth’”. Over the semester, we have had the opportunities to touch the invisible, but rich pearls of wisdom and beautiful passions passed down in our culture.   In 2021, however, the capitalist society and consumerism is still dominating the world.     Walking along the park with my eyes closed for the nature game, surprisingly, I was able to be more consious of surroundings, and never flip over, which I would often do even with my eyes open. I also felt myself feeling small and humble in the nature.   So […]

Letter to me in the future of 2030

Generally speaking, my main point about the relationship with nature is that human and nature together form an organic whole. In this organism, the existence of this two complement each other. Nature has given mankind a living environment and generously gifted countless natural resources. At the same time, while human beings enjoy the gifts of nature, it also means that they must protect nature, so as to create a virtuous circle and finally achieve a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Therefore, both are indispensable and interdependent part of this organic whole. Specifically, in the past few hundred years, human beings have continuously benefited from nature. This kind of benefit may be […]

How to Fill the Gap between “Cost” and True Cost – final presentation

To appreciate True cost properly with ETHICS

Final Presentation Hiroshima


Final Presentation

Nature & Culture Presentation


Responsibility Nature & Culture Final Presentation

Presented by: Teguh Maharddhika, Fumio Igarashi, Miyabi Nakae
Goro-san’s group

Takahata Final Presentation

Mr. Minoru’s Group: Miu Nicole Takagi, Hwee Cheng Yeo, Do Quyen Dinh, & Vivian Chang