Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Isobel Gladston, Self Introduction

Hi I’m Issey, I am currently an exchange student at Waseda within the School of International Liberal Studies. I am from the UK and I study Liberal Arts with a major in Geography and a minor in Politics at King’s College London where I studied modules in:

  • Society, Environment and Geography.
  • Ethics, Economics and Environmental Protection.
  • Urban and Cultural Geography: Space Society and Culture.

I applied to partake in this module because I am particularly interested in how human society affects nature and how our cultural practises shape our conceptions of and behaviour towards the environment. I’m also interested in how developing technologies can play a role in helping us to preserve our environment and tackle climate change, in another class at Waseda I am doing a research project on Smart Cities and analysing their effectiveness at creating Sustainable Cities.

During this class I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how different cultures approach the environment from both my lecturer and my classmates from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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