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〜Making Swiss Cheese〜 The Lauterbrunnen Experience

Location: Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Activity: Swiss cheese-making Class With a virtual tour of the valley and waterfalls

Overview: The village that lies in the great valley of Lauterbrunnen is a majestic site with numerous waterfalls decorating the nature-rich countryside. A popular tourist attraction site, it has harbored myriads of tourists over the years but has experienced a significant drop in its numbers following the COVID-19 pandemic. This online event allows people who are stuck at home to experience the great landscapes of the valley, such as the majestic waterfalls and nature, and helps stimulate the tourist industry. In addition to this, participants will be able to learn how to make homemade swiss cheese from Swiss cheesemakers who live in Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen is home to dozens of cows who graze on the vast areas of grass, and we are hoping that we will be able to export this milk to the homes of participants so that they will be able to replicate an authentic taste. This type of cheese-making process does not require any extreme tools to make, making it an attraction that even normal families/ individuals can take part in.

Schedule: 9 AM-11 AM Tour of the Valley

One hour break/preparation for cheese making

12PM〜 Cheese making

Pros: Online tour of natural wonders, rare experience of creating Swiss cheese that has (is close) to its authentic flavor, revitalization of the economy for Lauterbrunnen

Cons: Need for a translator, Need for an adequate supply of kitchen utensils, Cheese requires an aging process in order to be enjoyed to its full extent

By Yuta Tanaka 1M200492



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