Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Letter to me in the future of 2030

Jiang Tianhan (Shou)

Hello to dear future me. I am curious about how is the global environment going in 2030. Before I taking the course of Nature and Culture, I am just a person who is not interested in any environmental issues. However, by playing some activities with the nature, I realize nature is part of our life. Last week’s activities let me notice that we could not only see the nature but also we could feel it by our other organs by hearing, smelling, and touching. By closing the vision, it let me realize we can not only capture the nature with our eyes, but also we can feel the nature in many other ways and this shows how close we are to the nature even we rarely see them in the big city. Even people who live in the big city do not have a chance to contact with the nature, I hope they can smell or feel the nature bypass through the street trees or the grass growing on the roadside.
By interviewing the person in the campus, I want to live with the nature in the following few ways.
1.Think twice before shopping 2. Go Plastic free 3. Make it a habit of environmental conservation 4. Always be aware of 3R; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
In 2030, I hope I can become a person that thinks about the environment and puts it into action and I am sure we can make a big difference.

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