Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Letter to me in the future of 2030: Connection

Nao Yasuda

I’ve been thinking about my living in 2030. How do I actually live with nature? In the lecture, there are a lot of presentation about the connection. Connection between urban and rural area, old and new houses, nature and tradition… However, everything seemed a bit distanced from how I live right now in the middle of big city, like Tokyo. Technologies made our lives too far away from the nature and we barely forget that we are living in a living planet. The social system and politics have made the environmental problems too complicated and we feel like we are facing very big problem that we cannot solve. However, if we just jump out from the classroom and spend a few times in a park near the university, we recall our connection with nature. It is also important to tackle the issue from political or economic aspects because it is actually a big problem, yet we need each person who respect the connection with nature and planet and make action for our future. So why don’t I think in more simple way and do things that I can? Move and act before you think too much and hesitate.

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