Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Live Minimally, Value the invaluables

Akari Hori

Recently I’ve been listening to a song by Sheena Ringo, ありあまる富, singing how “we are already rich with the ‘invisible wealth'”.

Over the semester, we have had the opportunities to touch the invisible, but rich pearls of wisdom and beautiful passions passed down in our culture.


In 2021, however, the capitalist society and consumerism is still dominating the world.  


Walking along the park with my eyes closed for the nature game, surprisingly, I was able to be more consious of surroundings, and never flip over, which I would often do even with my eyes open. I also felt myself feeling small and humble in the nature.


So over the next ten years, I would like to keep reminding myself to live minimally, as it not only reduces the waste, but also gets me more conscious to realize and value the invisible, invaluable wealth surrounding us. Being aware of those wealth, I would like to be the storyteller to make people and things around me happier.

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