Understanding environment through culture, UEHIRO×WASEDA Seminar series

Group: Wildlife [Questions to Ask]

Here are some relevant themes and interview questions our group members have prepared in order to conduct fieldwork on Iriomote island and learn from local residents:

[Upstream] Topic 1: What is located upstream and how does it affect the ecosystem?

[Food] Topic 2: How does the natural vegetation and wildlife of Iriomote affect local food culture and cuisine? Do organizations such as farmers markets and organic stores benefit the ecosystem?

[Mountain Cat] Topic 3: How do local people and the endangered Yama Neko (mountain cat) coexist together?

[Ocean] Topic 4: Regarding the Ocean, has there been any big change in the tides in recent years? If so, how does this affect the wildlife? Are there any government sanctioned rules that the local people have to follow in order to preserve the ocean? Or are there specific rules that the local people have agreed together to follow?

[Beach] Topic 5: With focus on the beach, how does the interaction between the earth and water play out?



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